Wednesday, April 26, 2006

War! On Neil Young! Pt. IV: The Last Waltz

Jackie and Dunlap receive a surprise visit from Neil Young The Liberal Dummy, who reveals his true reasons for hating George W. Bush. It all started Thanksgiving 1976, backstage at... The LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAST WAAAAAAAAALTZ!

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Aaron said...
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Aaron said...

This looks like a good place for the newest song from "Let's Deport Neil Young"
It is sweeping the nation, after all...

Let’s deport Neil Young for treason
And pull his CDs from the stores
He believes rock-and-roll gave him the power
To slam our President, Country and more
His treasonous words are criminal
The Crazy Horse belongs up North
Let’s deport Neil Young for treason
Seal the boarders, and guard the shores
History has an example
From Abe Lincoln, bless his soul,
Abe shipped a treasonous reporter
To Neil’s homeland - of Toronto
Let’s deport Neil Young for treason
His fame has gone to his head
He claims to support our fighting kids,
Then mocks the freedom for which they are dead
Neil lives safe and wealthy in our Country
In a “Mansion on the Hill”
That hill is free today, of course,
Because of blood our soldiers spilt
I fought in Desert Storm, Neil Young
But hippies don’t pay to hear me
I fought authority like you when I was young,
But you, you’re over sixty
As an American Veteran I have paid my dues
And I value the freedom I live in
I have earned the right as an American to say
Let’s deport Neil Young for treason

(, )