Thursday, November 05, 2009

Republicans Win! Democrats Can Suck It!

In the latest Red State Update, Jackie and Dunlap celebrate the Republican victories in New Jersey and Virginia. Plus: Is new New Jersey Governor Chris Christie fat? Does Maine hate Gays? Will the Republicans win in 2010-- or even 2012? Come join the RSU community and give us your opinion over at that's where all the Red State Update action's at.

2008 Presents Red State Update Live

Hungry for dated John McCain jokes? Sure you are! Join Jackie and Dunlap Live at the Los Angeles UCB Theatre from August, 2008. When they repossessed Dunlap's car, they found this tape in the trunk. They gave it back.

Join the Red State Update community at for all the Red State Update action and whatnot.

Ned Beatty Sings

Ned Beatty ain't just Jackie and Dunlap's favorite actor of all time-- he also sings down-home old-time Southern Gospel favorites. Don't believe us? Go give ol' Ned a listen at Leave him a message on his guestbook an' tell him Jackie and Dunlap sent ya!

Then watch these clips and wonder at how one man could do all these parts and also be good at singin' "Just A Little Talk With Jesus."

Don't forget to join us over at That's where all the Red State Update action is happenin' at.