Monday, November 06, 2006

RSU's in the News! And on the TV!

Red State Update's in the Liberal Media again!

We got mentioned in a article in the Memphis Commercial Appeal about YouTube and the Corker/Ford race here in Tennessee. We always forget that Memphis is in Tennessee. Memphis is part of Tennessee the way the Kurds are part of Iraq-- they do their own thing off to the side cause everybody's a little afraid of 'em. Reporter Bart Sullivan didn't spell our names right, but he did at least get in the part about Dunlap wanting the phone number of the blonde girl in the "Harold, call me!" ad. Thank you kindly, Reporter Bart Sullivan!

(Seriously, if anybody knows that white Playboy girl's name or number or street address, let us know! Dunlap don't mind sloppy seconds.)

And if you got DirecTV, don't forget that Jackie and Dunlap are on The Fizz starting tonight. It's on DirecTV's Channel 101 starting Monday the 6th and playing at 3.30 PM / 7.30 PM /11 PM / 3 PM (all timesEastern). Here's the first few minutes (we ain't in it):

And don't forget to check our YouTube page beginning 5:30 PM Eastern on Tuesday, November 7, for all the Live Election Video Bloggin' from Jackie and Dunlap. We're using the latest live video blogging technology from Diebold, so there should be absolutely no problems. Don't forget to subscribe.

Thanks for watching, and tell your buddies!

Jackie and Dunlap

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