Sunday, October 11, 2009

Red State Update Goes Gay

Thousands of gay folks marched on Washington this weekend. Obama gave a speech to 'em. Then everybody went back to arguin' about whether or not he shoulda got the Nobel Peace Prize. We here at Red State Update ain't gonna just repeat campaign promises-- we've put together all our old videos on gay stuff in one handy place. You're welcome. No reason to march on Jackie's store.

Gays Hate Obama

Still relevant.

Gays Still Hate Obama, Rick Warren

Gay Marriage

Gay Bishop At Obama's Inauguration

Perez Hilton Vs. Miss California

Miss California's Nudie Pictures

Red State Update Meets Westboro Baptist Church

Larry Craig

Remember how funny the words "Larry Craig" used to be? Remember?

Brokeback Mountain

Remember how funny the words "Brokeback Mountain" used to be? Remember?

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